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Simply Amanda

once again ignore this post

1. If you are easily offended or do not take criticism well do not apply.
2. fill out the application completely below and include at least clear pics (one must be a face shot) please make the questions and answers clear bold the questions if you have to and leave your answer unbolded it takes time but im gonna start holding it agaienst you guys/gals
3. if you are accepted you can be begin rating other users, if you are rejected you can reapply again in 7 days. you are not officially accepted or rejected unless there is an official accepted/rejected banner
4. Everyone says put "blah blah" in the entry line, instead for your favorite quote put "I didn't lose my marbles, I sold them on ebay" so we know that you did in fact read the rules.
5. do not post in any entrys other than yours until you are accepted only mods can officailly stmap people
6. be creative with your applications be sure we can easily distinguish between the question and your answer
7. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 14 to join if you are not do not botehr applying
9. Mods please post everything with MOD in the title line.
10. In order to post your app you must join the community. Once you join the community post your app in an entry in the community. wait to be voted on. once you get enough votes a mod will satmp you as accepted or rejected. once your are accepted you can post anytiem you wish, but until them please only post on your app.
11. you must promote and show us the links or your application will be deleted, also it si nice if you post it annomously in peoples LJ's but you don't have to


1. you are free to post on any entry you want and vote on other people
2. you can post pictures of yourself any time make sure it is behind an LJ cut.
3. vote as much as you can
4. stay active
5. if your posting a new entry pleasae put stmaped in the topic box such as STAMPED
mods please put stamped//mods
6. be nice and considerate to others, be honest just not rude, do not impose on their religion or race
7. when voting clearly put yes or no in the titles line and mods put that ur a mod adn state yes or no, give reasons why you are saying yes or no

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