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001. What Is your name/ what do you prefer to be called? Ashley
002. Age: 16
003. Single/dating (show pics if possible): Dating
004. Location:: Kentucky
005. Sexuality: straight
006: gender: female
007. Hobbies/interests: Playing Bass, Writing, Drawing, Music

tell me more
008. who is your ro-model and why (show pic if possible): Probably my Dad, because he's always been there for me and always will
009. if you had one day left to live who would you spend it with and what would you do: I would spend it with my best friend and we would travel to the places I've never seen like Italy
010. what are your pet peeves: Sometimes I really hate stubborn people
011. if you were making a soundtrack of your life what songs would you put on it: This is the best day ever![My Chemical Romance] Populace in two[From First To Last] There is a light that never goes out[The Smiths]
012. What is your favorite quote?: "If popscicles were the new black everyone would have one"-Frank Iero
013. bands: My Chemical Romance, HIM, The Smiths, The Misfits, Pencey Prep
014. movies: The nightmare before Christmas, The 40 year old Virgin, Bubble Boy, Rocky Horror Picture Show
015. actor/actresses: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law and Angelina Jolie
016. color: Black and White

This or That
017. swimming or snowboarding: Snowboarding
018. TV or computer: Computer
019. Scooby Doo or Tweety Bird: Scooby Doo
020. Silver or Gold: Silver
021. blonde or brunette: Brunette
022. is the glass half full or half empty: Half Full
023. reading or writing: *gasp* I love both, but I'd rather write than read

where are your thoughts on
024. suicide: To be honest suicide aggrivates me, its basically taking the 'easy' way out when you don't even put any effort into fixing the problem.
025. abortion: It should be your choice and NO ONE elses, I think that women or young girls should be able to have one and know that since they weren't ready and/or capable of having a baby that its probably in a better place instead of a world where it wouldn't be taken care of.
026. same sex marriages: Love has no boundries. If you're in love you should be able to get married
027. religion: No one should judge someone because of their religion. Beliefs come in many different varietys
028. love at first site: Maybe it's true, I haven't experienced it but I have felt love
029. actors becoming singers: I think thats a bit overrated, especially when their voice isn't even that good

complete it
030. If you paid me enough I would Jump as high as you wanted
031. When life hands you men/women Make friends!
032. I'm a complete ______whore Eyeliner

first word that comes to mind
033. spongebob - Pineapples 
034. rainbow - Unicorns
035. snow - Sledding
036. school - Geometry :P

why should you be accepted
037. I'll be very active

promote us to at least 3 other communiteis or LJ's
you must promote or your application will automatically be deleted

how did you find our community (is sum1 promoted in ur LJ please tell us who)
041. I searched 'Pretty People' on livejournal
042. be honest what do you think of the Mods: A bunch of cuite pies!


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