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001. What Is your name/ what do you prefer to be called? Gabrielle
002. Age: 15
003. Single/dating (show pics if possible): single
004. Location:: New York
005. Sexuality: straight
006: gender: female
007. Hobbies/interests: phone, computer, shopping, hanging out with my friends and family

tell me more
008. who is your ro-model and why (show pic if possible): my mom becuase she`s been through a lot, and still manages to be there for me and my little sisters
009. if you had one day left to live who would you spend it with and what would you do: i would just spend the whole day with my family and friends looking back on things
010. what are your pet peeves: chocolate & shopping
011. if you were making a soundtrack of your life what songs would you put on it: we belong together [mariah carey] / changes [tupac] / keep ya head up [tupac]
012. What is your favorite quote?: my computer gor re-booted the other day and all my quotes got deleted... but out of the few that i have now, this is my favorite [i like the song too!] --  if you`re lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time.. if you fall i will catch you, i`ll be waiting, time after time [ Cindy Lauper ]

favorites (lsit several if you can)
013. bands: 50 cent, eminem, g-unit, nwa, sugarcult, queen, tupac, real mccoy, la bouche, bobby valentino, boyz II men
014. movies: it takes two, scarface, rocky [all of them], freeway, the breakfast club, saturday night fever, grease, sixteen candles
015. actor/actresses: syvestor stallone & michelle pfieffer
016. color: red

This or That
017. swimming or snowboarding: swimming
018. TV or computer: computer
019. Scooby Doo or Tweety Bird: scooby doo
020. Silver or Gold: gold
021. blonde or brunette: blonde [becuase i am on] .. but brunettes are cute too =)
022. is the glass half full or half empty: half full
023. reading or writing: reading

where are your thoughts on
024. suicide: i`m not sure what to think about it because i`ve never been in the situation where i wanted to committ suicide or knew anyone that did.. but i do know what it feels like to be lonely & depressed sometimes, but everything eventually gets better over time. but the choice is your own to make..
025. abortion: it depends on the situation.. if you were raped then i think it`s ok to have one instead of going through 9 months of pain and reminders of the rape.. and i also think it`s ok to have one if something bad will happen to the person carrying the baby. but if it`s just the matter of not being able to take care of the baby [whether it be becuase of money or family reasons], i think the child should just be put up for adoption.
026. same sex marriages: love is love .. if you love someone you should be able to get married and spend your life with them regardless of what other people say.
027. religion: everyone is different, therefore we can each choose our own religion. and i really don`t like when people don`t get along with other people just because of religions .. it`s just what they believe it
028. love at first site: i believe it`s possible ... it hasn`t happened to me yet, but i think it can happen
029. actors becoming singers: if they can sing, then it`s alright.. but i think some people do it for more publicity

complete it
030. If you paid me enough I would.. do anything
031. When life hands you men/women... screw em! [i don`t know.. it was random]
032. I'm a complete ______whore... lipgloss

first word that comes to mind
033. spongebob - patrick
034. rainbow - cute
035. snow - sucks
036. school - tiring

why should you be accepted
037. i`ll be active in the community and help promote

promote us to at least 3 other communiteis or LJ's
you must promote or your application will automatically be deleted
038.   http://www.livejournal.com/community/lyricsnquotes/62174.html

039.  http://www.livejournal.com/community/sparklesaywhat/21077.html
040. http://www.livejournal.com/community/quotes_galore/20486.html

how did you find our community (is sum1 promoted in ur LJ please tell us who)
041. i was just browsing through different communites to join for friends and stuff
042. be honest what do you think of the Mods: i think they`re pretty .. especially the second one -- you`re pic was cute =)


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